Live a Fur-Free Life

Thank you for choosing compassion over fashion.

We need your support to make our voice heard. Together, we can demonstrate to designers, brands, retailers and consumers that there is no place for animal cruelty in today’s world of fashion.

You can read more about our most recent Fur-Free and Sustainable Fashion events in Shanghai and discover just how many big names in fashion are supporting our Fur-Free Life campaign.

You can also read our Report of dog and cat fur trade in China to understand the origins of much of the fur trim on our high streets.


If you are able, please consider donating to ACTAsia to help us reach an even wider audience through our education programmes.

  • For a regular donation of US $10 a month, you’ll enable us to tell the truth about fur through social media, giving the public a chance to make informed choices about the products they buy
  • For US $20 a month, you’ll give us the resources we need to recruit regular new Fur Free Retailers
  • For US $50 a month, you’ll help us advertise the fur-free message in public areas across the globe, such as on bill-boards or at stations and bus stops